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asanaVef (Unverified) on 18/06/19 x

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Owen Edis (Owen Edis) on 20/04/19 x

Email:     Team: Past Chairman

Good luck to both teams at the start of a new season. Enjoy!
Owen Edis (Owen Edis) on 06/04/19 x

Email:     Team: VP

Please note 2019 Club Fixture Booklets are available at the Club from Sunday 7th April
Gideon Haigh (Unverified) on 09/10/18 x

Email:     Team: Cougars

The late game on a Wednesday night at the Robson Real Estate stadium is one the few dreams that Hertfordshire cricketers get to experience. The new timeslot to appeal to the early rising Japanese market has prompted questions about the validity of the contest as cougar stalwart Vidal Sassoon has been up since 2am working on his Brachioradialis muscle group. The toss that could go either way went against the in-form cougars who were sent into have a bat. The cougars looking to add their victims this year against London Colney in what is proving a competitive RICL division II. A strong victory against London Colney last outing in the cup gave the upper paw to the hungry cougars. The cougars battled there way to 137 with Sassoon retired on 25 ably supported by the jeweller who hit a six on his way to 17. A fine diamond they say takes 1 to 3.3 billion years to form under the intense heat and pressure of the heats surface. The jeweller likes to spend that amount of time at the crease reaching double figures so the six was greeted with a chorus of five cougar roars. Wild Thing (Evans) innings was over prematurely when he channeled his golf game and hooked one into the legside and didnt run. Out for 12. A steady foundation needs an experienced head a strong base. Too bad the second gamer Harrigan (6) was at the crease and his knees are about a stable as Zaha entering the penalty area at Vicarage Rd. Dare (34) and Caesar (25*) putting their leadership quarrels behind them to steer the team to a solid total as the lights began to take full effect in the indoor stadium. The remote country location of the stadium offers both spacious freedoms, but homely modern features. Neutral coloured walls appeal to all perspective visitors. For any similar properties please see Like a good Connor McGregor fight the entertainment had not finished and a strong opening spell from Wild Thing and Sassoon saw London Colney on the back foot early. Caesar bowled tight and collected two wickets but more noticeable was his relinquishing of captaincy duties to the young whippersnapper Dare behind the sticks. Due to a lack of media manager currently at the club it has been suggested a small coup detat has taken place in the corridors of the shack. Seems a couple of catches and a few runs has gone a little to keepers head. Either way a sharp catch from 'Knees' Harrigan behind point which was probably the best catch seen at the venue since 'Wild things' catch just 7 minutes before. A strong win as the opposition made just 70. After the game the male model from the Rickmansworth office had a special message for our new Japanese audience 私は素敵な髪があります。それは本当に美味しいです。
Gideon Haigh (Unverified) on 24/09/18 x

Email:     Team: Cougars

The cougars have now made multiple trips to the Robsons real estate stadium to begin both its league and cup challenge for this season 2018. The strong 8-man squad begun its campaign on Friday night cricket against the relatively underrated Barnet Old Boys. A green tinge on the wicket offered a lot to the bowlers but that wasnt needed as Sassoon hit it straight to bloke standing next to the stumps and was subsequently run out. This was a catalyst for the standard Chorleywood collapse as batters went down quicker then Povetkin after a left hook. The cougars were eventually bowled out for 109 with a quarter of their overs to spare. Notable performance was undoubtedly the sweep shot executed by Freddie. Which is pretty much the indoor equivalent of swimming with weights in your hand. I mean you could survive but most likely its going to be the end of you. Weak wrists and poor timing were Freddies friend on this occasion as it lobbed into the spiders web in the top corner of the stadium. He did play on for a notable 9 runs. With the autumnal rain clouds gathering around the Robson real estate stadium it was vital to take early wickets and this was pretty much achieved by Sassoon who swung the ball beautiful in the overcast conditions. Clearly not his first experience at swinging but nonetheless was a pleasure to watch and resulted in two genuine edges into waiting hands of Freddie. A match turning Harrigan runout saw the cougars roll BOB out for just 76 in their pursuit of 109. Man of the match honours go to Harrigan who despite not having natural ligaments in his knee was able to nurdle his way to 20 and execute the match winning run out. Notable mention to Freddie for taking more catches in the 9 overs in the field then he had achieved this first team season.

Cup cricket always brings a sense of glamour to the usually plain white walls of the Robson real estate stadium and tonight was no different. The cougar call roared across south West Hertfordshire this weekend and six young cougars answered the call. A cup run is young cubs dream and drawn against London Colney was always going to see us up against the odds. The toss that could go either way went one way and the cougars ended up having a bat on a lush green pitch. Notably with the lights not having fully kicked in for the 7pm start was always going to prove difficult to see. In fact, seeing what the jeweller was thinking with his running between the wickets proved far too difficult for Sassoon and Evans as they both feel cheaply. A more impressive batting display saw the cougars see outs its allocated 12 overs for the healthy totally of 136. Naturally, under the leadership of the returned Caesar (34no) the cougars walk a little bit taller inside the concrete amphitheatre. Also, on debut Stothart made a nice 14 before guiding one to short point. A promising start for Andrew and he has now moved up to my 3rd most favourite South African. A solid score on the board against fellow division 2 opponents meant that the start was important. With the cougars currently boasting the fastest bowler* in the indoor circuit it did come as a surprise that he didnt get first use of the yellow kookaburra. With only the four bowlers in the side meant that there was no margin for error and all bowled with distinction in keeping LC to just under 70 runs. Another highlight delivered by Caesar was when he provided the increasing crowd to a wicket maiden and in the indoor game these are as rare as a season where Chorleywood first team dont get relegated. Next week we see the cougars again take on London Colney in the league this time as they no doubt seek redemption. #upforthecup

*Completely unrelated to this match as this player made no contribution.

Gidenon Haigh (Ryan Evans) on 21/09/18 x

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When Caesar crossed the Rubicon he destined the empire of Rome on an enviable path to greatness. When Nigel Caesar Tyler typed that rubicon-esque email to Redbourn Robson Real Estate stadium indoor cricket centre to enter a side in the 2018 division 2 indoor cricket competition he made that same commitment. Caesar takes a strong squad to the Robson Real Estate stadium this season and a gruelling preseason has seen the cougars even attempting the outdoor format of the game to hone their skills. However, as manager, captain, coach, masseuse, nutritionist, selector, taxi driver and just in general the Ronaldo to our Juventus, this team revolves around our Caesar. But in traditional Chorleywood style he is unavailable on opening day. The starting six sees one new face and the addition of Dave Harrigan who has shown some strong wedding guest form this summer and commands a spot in the cougars 2.0. We wish Dave all the best on his debut and hope he just doesnt make a fool out of himself by getting run out. As usual we can expect Neil Vidal Sassoon to play a big shot and get caught on the other side of the arena (bet he looks delicious doing it though). Traditionally a sport for the more finesse cricketer we will see Sassoon and Evans being used sparingly as batsman. A strong summer has seen Freddie continue the 167-year tradition of the first team keeper making more runs than first team dismissals. Tom Mr Chorleywood Smithson will only be appearing sporadically for the cougars this season, but he does make opening day appearance. Mr Chorleywoods long-standing record of losing 14 consecutive run chases will always be a constant reminder that he is probably just a little short of being good enough. Finally, the jeweller will again grace the hallowed Robson Real Estate stadium turf. A ferocious competitor bordering unsportsmanlike conduct are traits that he learnt on the tough streets of HA6. Tonights fixture against Barnet old Boys will not be televised due to regional restrictions but can be heard if you ring Sassoon and want to hear a ball by ball commentary of his innings.
Nick Rice (Unverified) on 04/08/18 x

Email:     Team: Chorleywood

Ryan Evans, that was some performance today versus Shenley Village. Well done. Nice to know that Chorleywood can still put a Village team out to pasture. Seriously, that was a good effort. Very pleased for you.
Martin (Martin Tyler) on 11/06/17 x

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Some more photos from Retty earlier this season are now on the photos page
Martin (Martin Tyler) on 13/11/16 x

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Retty's photos are now up in the photos page
angela taylor (Unverified) on 26/07/16 x

Email:     Team: n/a

I have 4 tickets for the ODI at Lords on the 27th August. Edrich lower stand row 5 seats 37 to 40 face value 75 each I no longer need them and will return to Lords but wanted to offer them to a cricket club member first if wanted.
Christopher Horne (Unverified) on 18/03/16 x

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The funeral of Cyril Flood, lovely man and splendid umpire will be on 31 March at St Albans North Harrow at noon
Patti (Unverified) on 31/01/16 x

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Thank you for all for the love and support you have extended to our family since Simon passed away. We have been overwhelmed by the response and I thank you. I am happy that Thursday was a celebration of Simon's life and thanks for being a special part of it. Love Patti, Freddie, Harriet, George and Will
Ryan Hodgkinson (Unverified) on 20/01/16 x

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I am so very sad to read about Simon. My thoughts and best wishes go to Patti and the family. Simon was a huge help and support to me at my time with the club and I deeply regret that I didn't say thanks enough. The club would not be where it is today without his hard work and dedication. Thank you Simon.
Martin (Martin Tyler) on 07/11/15 x

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Photos from last nights awards dinner are now in the gallery - click on 'Photos' at the top of the page
Publicity Czar (Robert Dunstone) on 26/10/15 x

Email:      Team: CWCC 3rd XI

Congratulations also to Nigel Tyler - second in the Division 10A Bowling Averages.
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