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Chorleywood Cricket Club have been playing on The Common for nearly 200 years and, for passers-by in the summer months, the sight of a cricket match in progress as they drive or walk through Chorleywood is always a memorable landmark. The club is a thriving local success story that has had a glorious history, a successful present and, thanks to a dedicated membership who want to ensure the legacy of the club for years to come, exciting plans for the future. Read more about the club...
Upcoming events...
13th Jun 15 Round the World in Lager
5th Jul 15 Hon Member's and VPs Lunch
15th Jul 15 Match v MCC
18th Jul 15 Summer Party
19th Jul 15 George Dare's 21st BBQ match v The Comics
30th Aug 15 Club Day
15th Oct 15 CWCC AGM
13th Nov 15 Awards Dinner/Dance
1st Jan 16 Hair of the Dog
Subs New! Posted by Simon Dare on 15th May 15
My thanks to Liugi and Jon L who have joined the other 28 players who have paid their family and friends ( I do have some)are still concerned about the stress invovled in collecting the subs so perhaps those yet to settle up could bring cheques etc to the start of season BBQ
Heart Felt thanks/ BBQ/ Subs New! Posted by Simon Dare on 11th May 15
My thanks to Sam H for responding to my Subs plea last week...howvever only 1 respsonce isnt helping my heart...start of season BBQ this saturday...reduced prices fro those that have paid subs
Health / Stress and Subs New! Posted by Simon Dare on 3rd May 15
Can I thnk everyone for all the good wishes I have received from club members while I have been in Hospital. As many of you know I have some seroius heart problems and stress wont help..the most stressful task I have is subs collection so please make it easy and hand me cheques / Cash bank transerfer asap ..thanks
CWCC Golf Day - Friday 1st May New! Posted by Jonathan Rice on 27th Apr 15
Just a reminder that there are still a few spots left if you fancied taking part in the Chorleywood CC Golf Day this Friday (1st May).

The important points are:

Venue - Chorleywood Golf Club Tee-times will be from 5.00pm

Players of all abilities are welcome

Entry Fee is 15.00 per person (which will include your first pint back at CWCC!)

If you're not a golfer, or just can't get there early enough to join in, everybody will be returning to CWCC afterwards for a couple of drinks and some splendid chili for supper - for just 5 to those who haven't been playing earlier.

If you're interested in joining in please sign up on availability page of the website or contact either Jeremy Hinds ( or Jonathan Rice (

Latest 50 club winners New! Posted by Simon Dare on 12th Apr 15
50 Natalie Edis 10s Steve Dunning, Anthony Shuster, Josie Dacre.
Subs New! Posted by Simon Dare on 15th Mar 15
It is subs , cheques , Bank transfers all accepted....we have already collected early for the full discounts
50 club New! Posted by Simon Dare on 2nd Mar 15
This months winners were Joy King Andy Rennard David Clark and Derek Hussey
This months 50 club Winners New! Posted by Simon Dare on 2nd Feb 15
50 Andrew Spurr 10 Anthony Shuster 10 David Hinds 10 Owen Edis
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John Roberts & Co Estate Agents of Chorleywood and Rickmansworth are proud to be Chorleywood Cricket Club's official sponsor.

Recent Highlights
Jeremy Hinds 94 runs Sat 2 v Northwood Town
Simon Dare 72 runs Sat 4 v Old Camdenians
Charles Hardcastle 63 runs Sat 3 v West Herts 3s
Martin Tyler 61 runs Sat 3 v West Herts 3s
Scott Aspinall 56 runs T20 v North Mymms
Edward Lye 53 runs Sat 1 v Flitwick
Trophy Holders
Tom Smithson 274 runs  
Josh Ryan 12 wickets  
Jeremy Hinds 94 runs Sat 2 v Northwood Town
Latest Results
T20 v North Mymms 24th May Lost by 8 wickets
Sat 1 v Flitwick 23rd May Lost by 3 wickets
Sat 2 v Northwood Town 23rd May Won by 49 runs
Sat 3 v West Herts 3s 23rd May Lost by 8 wickets
Sat 4 v Old Camdenians 23rd May Won by 169 runs
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Sat 1 v Hoddesdon 30th May The Common Teams
Sat 2 v Stevenage 2s 30th May Away Teams
Sat 3 v Holtwhites Trinibis 3s 30th May Westwood Park Teams
Sat 4 v Rebourn 4s 30th May Away Teams
Sat 1 v Stevenage 6th Jun Away Teams
Sat 2 v Northampton Exiles 6th Jun The Common Teams
Sat 3 v Flamsted 2s 6th Jun Away Teams
Sat 4 v Shenley Village 4s 6th Jun Westwood Park Teams
Sun 1 v Stevenage 7th Jun Away Teams
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