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50 Club


As a member or friend of Chorleywood Cricket Club you are invited to join the 50 Club. For £2.50 per month (less than a cup of coffee), you can be entered into a monthly prize draw for four cash prizes. These can be up to £100.

The funds raised are vital to the running of the Club in the new pavilion and for further developments and improvements that the Club are and will be planning over the future years. Now member's contribution to the 50 Club is more important than ever.

Your payment as a member can be monthly, half yearly or annually by Bankers Standing Order either set up electronically or by bank mandate delivered to your bank.

For your membership you get the chance to win one of four prizes each month (one at £50 and three at £10). Twice yearly in July and December, the prize of £50 is increased to £100. If we get significantly more members we will increase the monthly prize amounts.

If you join now you will be entered into the next monthly draw. Results will be posted on the club website. If a winner you will receive your winnings as a cheque in the present mode of operation.

If you would like to join please Instruct your bank to pay by Standing Order either £2.50 monthly, £15 every six months or £30 yearly and inform the 50 Club Manager by completing the Application Form linked here and emailing or posting it to the address below.

To apply or if you need further information, please contact the 50 Club Manager:

Owen Edis
m: 07713 862738
17 Greenbury Close
Herts WD3 5QT

Thank you for supporting Chorleywood Cricket Club

50 Club Application form

50 Club Standing Order form

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