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50 Club

As a member or friend of Chorleywood Cricket Club you are invited to join the 50 Club.

The Chorleywood 50 Club is a monthly cash prize draw that is one of the most important fund-raising vehicles for Chorleywood Cricket Club.

The money raised is always vital to the running of the Club, but with the continuing financial demands and the developments the Club are planning, the contribution of the 50 Club is more important than ever.

It costs £30 per year to be in the 50 Club. This can be paid annually, quarterly or monthly, either by cheque or standing order. NB - it is helpful and cuts down on administration if standing order is used as the payment method.

For your money you get the chance to win one of four prizes each month (one at £50 and three at £10). Twice yearly, July and December we increase the prize of £50 to £100. If we get more members to join we will increase this figure. The income of the 50 Club is split approximately 50:50 between prizes and income into the Development Fund.

If you join now you will be entered into the next monthly draw. Results will be posted on the club website.

Please consider joining the 50 Club, after paying out prizes all of the remaining money goes directly into the Club's Development Fund.

If you would like to join you can send the enclosed application form and a cheque (to Chorleywood CC) or request for standing order details to Chorleywood Cricket Club 50 Club to Brian Mulholland, 16 Landford Close, Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 1NG

If you need further information, please call Brian Mulholland on:

Home: 01923 772755
Mobile: 07785 257502

Thank you for supporting Chorleywood Cricket Club

50 Club Application form

50 Club Standing Order form

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